Wednesday 30 October 2019

Nanowrimo Writers' Workshop #2

Another really cool Nanowrimo class today.

Kids came up with the 3 novels each which they have read and which they absolutely loved.  The books included the usual suspects - Geronimo Stilton, Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid - stuff that this age group simply devours.  But there were some interesting surprises - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Heidi, What Katy Did, Anne of Green Gables, and the all time favourite Winnie the Pooh - books I had loved as a child.

The children then discussed all the elements that had made the books so interesting. Their assessment was surprisingly  mature.  "He makes stuffed toy characters seem real", "Its not a roller coaster of one event after another", "The character makes the setting come alive".

Then we moved onto the "Gross" books - books kids just absolutely hated. Books that made them wish for a trip to the dentist instead.

Interestingly, this list included some all time favourites - the Secret Seven (is it too archaic?), Geronimo Stilton (too much clutter?), Magic Treehouse (plots are repetitive). Here too, the children has some complex insights, ranging from "paper thin characters", to "a hook in every chapter".

The purpose was to introduce children to elements they need to incorporate or avoid in the novels they will be writing in November.

We've also decided to create blogposts of the  kids' book talks and recommendations - which other children may find useful.

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