Sunday 24 September 2017

Pre history workshop on first farmers

Masha Allah a brilliantly designed workshop on First Farmers at the Sharma Centre for Heritage Education and a great learning experience for Al Qamar Academy students.

The children did it all - right from building their tents to decorating them like the neolithic farmers, using tools to cut vegetables and grinding grains. Masha Allah the kids were naturals.. Each took on their roles very seriously and stuck to it!! Great team work and coordination.

Then they moved on to farming.. They ploughed their land sowed their seeds watered them using neolithic vessels and they also harvested their crops!! Though they went for bigger plants (as they were easy) they learned how the farmers harvested their crops. Aso not to forget they sang a song (not a neolithic one but modern one- Old Mac Donald 😂)

They then went on to draw their excavation site and literally became archaeologists who draw their sites.

Brilliantly designed workshop and a marvelous learning experience not only for them but for me too.

Monday 18 September 2017

Visit to Sorrell Nursery

5-7th graders visited the Sorrel Nursery on the ECR to learn about terrariums - as a part of the Ecology Class taught by Tariq Akbar. The children had a fantastic time and hope to construct a terrarium in school and in their own homes! Way to go Tariq!

Sunday 17 September 2017

Visit to CMI to understand sewage treatment

Al Qamar Upper Elementary students visited the Sewage Treatment Plant at CMI as a part of the Small Science lesson on water.
This plant was designed by Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail and children saw how waste water is naturally purified.
Thanks Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education for an amazing science curriculum.

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