Thursday 29 March 2018


Aisha was one of the first students at Al Qamar. She spent 8 years here and after completing her 10th IGCSE, moved to another local Chennai school.  Here is what she has to say about her Al Qamar experience

There was a lot of freedom in Al Qamar. We got to do a lot of fun and unique stuff like writing novels or selling crafts at PTA’s. There were field trips and lunch parties, reading competitions and Ramadhan collections. Because there weren’t many students everyone knew everyone and the teachers were really warm and approachable.  

Classes were fun too; in Potpourri we’d study tongue twisters, do role plays and generally have a blast. Everyone looked forward to that one class. FOSS, on the other hand, was all about experiments: levers, pulleys, solutions, etc. In the optics class, I remember us taking a bunch of measurements and readings and finally making our own telescopes. Al Qamar truly promoted out-of-the-box thinking and self-learning. We were encouraged to observe, to question, to research.
The thing that stood out about Al Qamar was its funky uniqueness. We made our mark and were proud of that. 

Whether planning our own parties or designing magazines, we did things differently. School was more than lessons. A whole lot more.

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