Saturday 14 September 2019

Student Businesses on PTM

Children's businesses on PTM day.  Students set up stalls every PTM and sell yummy food, drinks, craft items and even have game stalls.
This time there was pani puri, cookies, brownies, kesari, rose milk, black tea and sandwiches.

Kids did brisk business and made a whole lot of money. Great way to learn basic entrepreneurial skills in a hands on manner.

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Small Science - Searching for leaves

Fantastic Small Science class today for 3rd graders.  We went leaf hunting - as a part of the activity on Plants.

Children learned the names of the neighbourhood trees - Gulmohur, Copper Beach, Poongam, Baadam, Indian Tulip, Neem, Peepal, Acacia etc. They observed the shape and texture of the leaves. They also felt the bark of the tree trunk. They saw the flowers and seedpods of some of the trees.
The children, natural scientists that they are, discovered a mushroom hanging upside down from a leaf, another in a hole in the tree, a multi coloured leaf, creepers and much more.

What a fantastic walk it was.

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Small Science - discovering living things

Critters discovered by the 5th grade Small Science students in their terrace garden.

A lovely opportunity to give them "crumbs" of information from Geetha Iyer's book "Weavers" which has fascinating information about insects that work with silk.

Later, a student found another book with pictures of tunnelling larvae

He showed me how tree leaves develop galls to protect themselves against caterpillars.

The other day, kids found dead wasps and were utterly fascinated. They wanted to know the  names of the wasps- which we tried to look up.

They also found a wonderful exoskeleton of a praying mantis. Never seen something like that before.

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