Thursday 30 November 2017

Country research presentations by Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary students at All Qamar Academy presented fantastic country research projects last Wednesday.
Featured countries included Spain, Japan, Iran, Argentina, Mexico, Kenya and Australia.
Children researched and presented the geographical features,  political set up, history,  food, dress, and many interesting facts about their country. Several students dressed up in the national attire - we met a Japanese doll, a matador, a Maori, a Kenyan lady, an Argentine gaucho, and an Iranian gentleman. Students  greeted "visitors" with sentences spoken in Swahili, Japanese and Spanish. We relished the green tea and the Argentine chimichurri sauce.
The highlight was the bullfight - one kid was the Matador and another was the bull. The team sold tickets in Euros - and other country nationals had to convert their own (fake)  currency to purchase tickets to the show.

Absolutely fantastic work by the kids!! They totally rock!

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