Tuesday 8 January 2019

Nature Club Meeting #2&3

In the 2nd Nature Club meeting, we discussed the assignments that were given to students in the first session. Some students came up with paintings and a few came up with write-ups and poems, which were wonderful and highly creative.

After the discussion, we formed 5 teams and asked the kids to come up with a name or logo for the nature club and asked them to conduct a poll in their team to select one name and logo.

The kids came up with some interesting names for the club like: Wood owls, Natures beauty, The forest rescuers, The Green club, Nearness to nature… 

The other activity was to pen down the list of forest products (Edible and Non - Edible) that we are dependent on. 

In the third session, we played a short documentary on 'Kudremukh' called 'Mindless Mining in Kudremukh', wherein we tried to draw a close line between the previous talks on the rich biodiversity of the Western Ghats and how one of its ranges, i.e., Kudremukh was being devastated by continuous iron-ore mining activities. 

The students understood the harmful effects of destroying the land areas in Kudremukh and how a chain of events followed because of the issue, ultimately affecting irrigation and therefore human lives. 
Next, we moved on to initiate the nature board that will have paintings, poems and newspaper articles contributed by students. They'll be maintaining it. 

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