Sunday 1 April 2018

Potpourri Club to build language & life skills

Potpourri English Club run by Smart English Academy at Al Qamar Academy endeavours to build holistic Language Skills and Life Skills in students.

The classes and activities are designed to work on, and accentuate Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills and Leadership Skills, consequently building and improving self-confidence in the students.

The classes, first initiated for the 8th and 9th Grade students, have now extended to the 5th & 7th Grade students.

With a British Council certified Cambridge Qualified language educator at the helm, Smart English Academy brings in international methodologies, techniques, and materials to develop and hone the skills in the students.

Potpourri classes have students reciting tongue twisters, learning idioms & proverbs, building vocabulary and mastering conversation phrases. They participate in activities like word play, dumb charades, word charades, guess the synonym and others, bringing fun and frolic to the class, making learning an absorbing and engaging experience.
They are trained in phonetics with emphasis given to pronunciation and enunciation, enabling clear and articulate speech.

Children tend to be more fearless and open to new experiences. One area where this quality is explored the most is Public Speaking. Students are encouraged to participate in group-discussions and debates, where they discuss issues like environment conservation, recycling waste, traffic hazards, adventure sports, quality of life in urban vs rural areas etc, and brainstorm solutions using their ideas and outlook, bringing a completely new perspective to global issues.

Added to it are sessions of role-play, debates, prepared speeches, impromptu talks and JAM: all designed to give the students an experience in attempting, owning and finally conquering the stage.

Overall, the Club focuses on social and cultural relevance both locally and globally, helping students to draw parallels from the environment and society, making the learning integrated and holistic.

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