Monday 31 July 2017

Photostories with environmental themes

Another really fantastic set of workshops with K Ramnath Chandrasekhar which has inspired the children, got the wheels turning in their minds. How do you tell a story with photographs?

Ramnath ran a set of 3 workshops. In the first, he introduced children to elements of photography - long shot, close up, focus etc. In the second, he strung together photos to tell a story with environmental themes. Children went to the beach, the school playground to practice their newly learned skills - using objects and settings, they created photostories .

The final assignment - to think of a photostory they want to create to highlight any issue they see around them. Children came back with issues of food wastage, garbage dumping, ill treatment of animals, creatures around their homes.  These are work in progress. Hope to see the final results as children develop their ideas and photography skills further.

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