Monday 9 December 2019

Ecology Class - Year 2 : Visit to the Organic Farmers'` Market

What exactly does it mean to have organic products? A simple definition would be….anything in its true state where it hasn’t been tainted with harmful things like pesticides.

Being honest, using pesticides and artificial fertilizers do help, but here are quite a few disadvantages that will harm the product and will harm us in the long run.  Organic can also mean “pure” which doesn’t only apply to how produce is grown, it can also apply to the method in which it’s acquired or stock prices etc.

Basically, the more transparent your business is, the better. So, here’s the process in which food travels to markets and such (using fruit as an example).

Seems okay right? Well, actually, once you’ve studied the process properly, it’ll seem different.

When farmers give their produce to the middleman, the middleman gets to decide the price based on the season, demand, sales etc. And not based on the farmer’s own input cost, effort and time. Also, with this, there is more demand for produce when it is not the season. So, farmers would work hard to grow the produce and when its time to hand it to the middleman, only to get rejected.

Did you know that over 700 varieties of cotton in India have been replaced by American cotton, which also brought in the use of toxic dyes? Wow, how depressing. 

So, basically the motive of this whole talk was to make us think – do I know where all my food, clothes or really anything is coming from?

- Ishaal Abdul Azeez, Grade 7

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