Monday 2 December 2019

Workshop on Teaching Creative Writing

Al Qamar Academy conducted a workshop on November 16, 2019 on creative writing and I was looking forward to attending it. 
The facilitator Aneesa Jamal was very warm and welcoming, listened and acknowledged contributions from the participants and efficiently guided the discussions and was flexible, working well with emerging ideas.  It was great to learn the techniques on creative writing, the content being highly informative and the facilitator was well informed about the workshop subject. 
The workshop was led capably challenging the participants to think and get out of their comfort zone in a safe environment which helped us discover new ideas and getting new insights on the things we already knew.  The workshop also provided opportunities to interact and learn from others.
The workshop was engaging and interesting with useful exercises and the group size was appropriate for the purpose of the exercises.  The entire training was well structured with the exercises building on previous learning from the activities providing us opportunities to reflect and consolidate what we learned.  The session was well paced without any boring lags.
I appreciate the insight provided which is easily and immediately applicable.  I can't wait to teach my own students what I learned in just a few hours. 
It would have been better to have the workshop as a 2-day session providing more time for the different exercises, more discussions, debriefs, and asking good questions to facilitate more learning but on the overall it was a very knowledgeable workshop.

- Naqeeb Sultana, Teacher

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