Monday 9 December 2019

Visit to Kuppai Matters

Have you ever seen what happens to trash? It gets recycled or goes to the dump. But it also goes into the forests or the oceans and kills or harms the animals. You might think how it harms animals? I will give you a few examples - like a whale having plastic in its tummy, a cow contains plastic particles in its milk. One sad think is a turtle having a straw in its nose and it cried when the boaters tried to take it out. Last but eyeopening, a cow with 5 tons of plastic in its stomach. 

Now you know why I am here. I will tell you how to use waste. You have to give the proper recycling to things like water bottle without glue stickers. Things you can't recycle is chappati package because it has different materials like plastic and paint. 

For eggshells, fruit and vegetable peels, cut nails, leftover food, dead leaves, apple crusts, you can compost to make soil and you can plant a plant!

More ways are there like making your own paper, which you will do after. Using less plastic, thinking before you buy a package item, if you can recycle it or not.

One more thing is having 4 trash bins - one green, one blue, one red and one yellow. The green is for composting, blue is for things which you don;t know which bin it goes, yellow is for recycling. and red is for hazard thing like cat poop and dog poop. 

Now you know what to do with trash. 

You might have in mind how to compost? That I will tell you now.  First collect peels, eggshells, nails, apple crusts and left over food. Next take compost and add it to the peels and all that. Or add more, rotten bread, curd, milk, if you don't have compost. Finally keep on adding composting things and leave it for 40-45 days. 

By Mansoor Ahmed, Grade 5

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