Tuesday 5 November 2019

Nanowrimo Writers' Workshop #6

Today's class was all about learning how to write the plot of the novel.  we went through the six elements of plot development that resembles a roller coaster.

1. The set-up which gives us the daily routine of the character or protagonist and an insight into the characters' likes and dislikes, the conflict - external and internal. we could say that this is the intro before the story moves on.

2. The inciting incident which sets the story forward to a point from where there is no turning back and sets the action - the "from where everything started to change" moment.

3. The rising action - where the character makes a choice and which takes them to the next level and then they need to again make a choice or take a decision and move on.

4. The climax - the nail biting event/incident where we really want to know "will my protagonist get what they want or not?. What will happen next?

5. The falling action - where the events now start happening like tumbling down a roller coaster and basically the last part of the excitement that was built up previously.

6. The resolution shows how the conflict resolved and how the character changes after the incident that just happened.
We discussed the books, Emil and the Detectives, Danny the Champion of the World, Wolves of Willoughby Chase etc., to understand all the elements of the plot and then the children had to write down quickly a short story implementing the learning of today's class.

Mushin wrote a short story about gorillas being attakced by poachers, while Khadija penned a personal narrative.

- Naqeeb Sultana

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