Tuesday 5 November 2019

Nanowrimo Writer's Workshop #5

We learned the importance of conflict in a novel. "Conflict makes the main character grow." We spoke about the two kind of conflicts faced by characters - internal and external.

"So, you want a tuna sandwich. But to get one, you need to walk over to Five Star and buy a can of tuna. However, Mr Evil, whose main goal in life is to stop you from getting a tuna, is waiting to ambush you, right at the corner. You don't know that, but you fear he's going to try something like that." Kids giggled and worked out the  different kinds of conflict on that scenario.

We went onto to discussing how they have to create characters who have dreams, doubts, ambition and fears. And how the intersection of these emotions between the protagonist and antagonist creates tension. And the creation of challenges pulls the novel along.

The real fun in the classes is when we dissect the novels we've read, to identify elements. We shared how Daddy Long Legs is written in a 2nd person perspective (a rare beast), how multiple voices are present in Hardy Boys. How Dr. Seuss' books are carried by their crazy rhyming scheme and fantastic illustrations. How the Treasure Seekers makes you wonder who really is the narrator. From discussing Dorothy's  goal and challenges in theWizard of Oz, to figuring out the difficulties faced by Jo and her sisters in Little Women, these conversations are a wonderful insight into how very much these kids are reading.

Another win for  Al Qamar's pedagogy.

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