Saturday 16 November 2019

Talk on Artificial Intelligence

"What is intelligence?" asked Sajjad Malang, during his talk on Artificial Intelligence for students of Grades 5-7.

Br Sajjad, a parent at Al Qamar, is an IT professional working in the area of AI.  He spoke about the ubiquity of AI. Kids were fascinated to learn that the Customer Service chat at Amazon is AI in the background. He explained how  AI is being used to predict forest fires, disease outbreak, to create driverless cars and is aiding in medical diagnosis. He explained how humongous amounts of data are rapidly analysed to make predictions and decisions.

The children were quick to cotton onto the myriad issues of privacy invasion. They expressed discomfort with the idea of a machine delivering medical care.  They could relate to how AI is able to analyze relationships between variables in data - their Spark classes came useful here.

As usual many many questions and comments kept the talk lively and the audience engaged.

JazakAllah Khair Brother for taking the time to come give this talk.

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