Monday 8 April 2019

Mr. Ketu visits from Cameroon

We were blessed to have a visitor from Cameroon come talk to the students about his country.  Here are some accounts by the children:

"The visitors name is Ketu; He is from Cameroon Africa.. His father was a subchief of a tribe. He was removed from Math class by his teacher; he learnt math in his home by textbooks.He came tenth out of 600. He told about Muhammad  Gaddaffi  ruler.  In his place there is no normal schooling  kids learn from hearing stories of wise people from generations. I really enjoyed his talk especially about food clothes, Also about coat that is passed through generations"

Tawfiq, Grade 5

Cameroon was named after a certain shrimp..there was river that had a lot of shrimps and so it was named after that..

Cameroon is also known as mini Africa as it has many different weathers/topographic places in one snowcapped mountains, plains, deserts and tropical forests..

They have interesting ways of playing old games like hide and seek..except here it's police and thief.... something about how here thieves get multiple chances after they're caught. 

They have more of a Kingdom system of ruling rather than governments..Their soldiers are very strong and that when they go to can take years to finish..

The flag of Cameroon and it's stars have a significant meaning..they depict unity and victory both day and night..hence the yellow stars in the blue..and vice versa..

Ishal Abdul Azeez, Grade 6

"Cameroon lies towards the north of the country. Most of the area are deserts and they have the world's biggest desert "The Sahara" They grow a fruit which they boil and it's squeezed through a sack to extract an oil which is red in color.A nut's seed is dried and taken as a medicine for pregnancy, stomach upset which is only grown in Cameroon . They have the world biggest frog. The people aren't dark because of the sun but due to 'something' present in their body. (Melanin - Ed). Their cuisine includes togo, rice with beans and achu.They make chains with mango seeds. They are more than 500 tribes.

- Amna Hawwa, Grade 2

The visitor's name was Ketu Monah . His dad was a subchief and he is from Cameroon ,Africa . Firstly I thought Cameroon was a state like in India . Cameroon has a largest Mountain also ketu shared about clothes ,food , and kingdom of Cameroon . He said Cameroon supplies water to all the nearby land areas . Also shared about Mohamed Gaddafi who worked for the development of Cameroon.
 Ketu was low in math and sent out from class by his teacher and after with the help of his sister he scored up and got money from his teacher. Finally he appreciated all the students on their active participation during the talk.

Saleem, Grade 5

Today one uncle from Cameroon came to our school.. His name was ketu.. he was from Africa.. he was very tall .. His dresses were different.. in India palm oil is in yellow colour but in Africa it's in red colour.. Egypt , Libia , Algeria was desert countries .. there were different types of foods in Africa..

Shahana, Grade 3

"He said that in his time there were no proper schools wisdom was passed from one generation to the other by story telling all the words ,spellings ,punctuation, definitions, and wisdom was in their head . They did not have dictionaries or thesaurus they had old people .
Then he asked us to name some African states. He pointed Libya, Egypt, part of Sudan (North Sudan) Mali &Tunisia and some more.  Then he said that there's a very big desert. "What desert is this?" he asked. We told him that it was the Sahara desert. Then he asked "What is a desert?" The answers popped up like "It's a dry place", "a hot place" etc.  He said that the answers were right and told us the proper definition of a desert: "A desert is a place with no vegetation and when there is no vegetation there is rarely any rainfall so it becomes scalding hot."  Next he told us that Cameroon is the heart of Africa. 

A student asked why is Sudan parted into two parts? This was the most effective part of the talk.  He told us that he was going to tell a very nice thing.  He told that if you are good at something which the other person is not, you should speak and stand up for him.  And maybe the other person is good at some thing that you are not, then he should do the same thing you did to him. Not say "Oh ! I know this better than you or I am more stronger than you so I'm not going to be your friend."

He said if you are in the same class, then treat each other like you are in the same family. People from the same family don't argue with each other instead they support each other.  

He told about the traditional dishes of Cameroon and how they were prepared. Next he talked about the dresses of Cameroon and the specialities of the dresses.  

Then he told an incident which happened in his life : One day he asked his math teacher a hard question and she thought that he had asked that to bring her down so she told him to get up and go out of the classroom and muttered that he would not pass the exam.  So he went home everyday and studied maths . When the results came he passed ! When he came to collect his certificates the first person he met was his math teacher. "You passed the exam" she told him and handed him over some money. 

We played a game called concentration concentration. Then he told us about Muhammer al Ghadafi who did not want Africa to be separated he wanted it to be United. 

After that he talked about the Cameroonian flag.  The green stands for unity while the red stands for bloodshed the yellow stands for victory in the day and the star for victory in the night .

Khadijah, Grade 5

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