Monday 8 April 2019

Author Visit - Nilanjana Roy in conversation with kids

One interesting way to encourage young  readers is to have an "Author Visit". We were delighted to have Nilanjana Roy ( visit via Skype.

Ms Roy, winner of the Shanti Bhatt First Book award, has authored both fiction and non fictional works, including the "Wildings" a wondeful children's book. She writes for the Business Standard, BBC, The New York Times,  Huffington Post and others.

Children brainstormed a bunch of questions they wanted to ask an author - including "How does your writing flow?", "How do you create characters?", "Where do you get inspiration?" and other fairly deep questions.

Ms Roy talked about her books, how the hardest book for her is always the book she's currently working on, how her characters have a life of their own, the challenges to translating a scene in ones mind onto paper.  She patiently answered their questions in depth giving them pointers on how they can work on their writing.  

On a lighter vein she spoke about the cake and coffee which all authors need. And the happy dance when all is finished and done. 

She was quite impressed with their questions and their patience to sit through an hour long session.

It was a brilliant session, despite technical glitches.   Have invited her to do a workshop on creative writing for the children sometime next year, InshaAllah.  

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