Wednesday 10 April 2019

Read-a-thon Readers Rock

The grand end of year Read-a-thon, came to an end last week. And all the winners were off for a treat.

The Annual Read-a-thon is a reading marathon. Kids borrow books daily and earn points for reading them. Points are exchanged for small gifts at the end of the week.  Then, at the end of the entire duration, all children who have met a certain points target get to go off for a nice treat. 

All kids (no surprises here...) wanted a trip to the Anna Library! 

While the Upper Elementary went off for pizzas, the Lower Elementary were in for a super dooper treat at Waffles thru the Day.  They had scrumptious waffles topped off with yummy sundaes. Here's what the the kids had to say:

I loved the waffles. The place was neat. As a bit the waffles it was so soft. I actually thought it wud be really hard to cut with the fork. Waffles had white chocochips, which I loved too. It was really fun to eat icecream with my friends as I shared my ice cream with Rumaysa

- Amna, Grade 2

I enjoyed my self in the waffles I liked it it was nice l loved the waffles and the ice Cream this is the first time I went to waffles the taste of waffles is nice even the place was nice and clean.

- Shahana, Grade 3

When I came to waffles thru the day, I was very Excited and seriously the food was delicious...! I had Mango sundae and Waffles... I loved the Sundae more than the waffles... I also shared it with my friends. The place was very pleasant and this is my 2nd time to Waffles thru the day..... 
And I just Loved it......!!!

Hamza, Grade 3

Hi I'm Athiya, I loved the waffles.  I always wanted to eat the waffles . I shared my butter waffles with Samara. It had white chocochips and chocolate sauce. It was so delicious and scrumptious. The place  was tidy and clean. It was so fun to eat with my friends. I loved the sundae. I always wanted to eat the delicious, scrumptious waffles, and I did it.

- Athiya, Grade 3

Thanks a Million, Waffles thru the Day for making a lifetime  memory for these kids!

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