Sunday 14 October 2018

Global Math Week & Exploding Dots

Being the Global Math Week where millions are working on Exploding Dots,we introduced the Upper Elementary kids to the exploding dots and then we had explosions in the classroom. Kapow!

They quickly picked up the various machines and had fun exploding dots. They were pleasantly surprised to see the 10-->1 machine gave the same code as the number. The brain machines are churning now..

Some kids logged on for the Exploding Dots Islands and quickly worked their way through them.  

Others used vertical spaces to write and work out. Some in teams, and some individually.

Another 5th grader experimented with 1>1 dot and found its an infinite loop - Hence the "infinity" symbol in her notebook.

Another creative soul, a 5th grader, wrote an adventure story with the exploding dot experience as a background "Help Crack the Code...the Lab counts on you!"

Waiting for more insights from the Lower Elementary group and the 6th graders. This is another innovative way to learn Maths in a exciting, thinking way.  Begone ol' boring technique ridden mysterious math. Welcome to FUN!
 #gmw2018 #explodingdots

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