Sunday 14 October 2018

Ecology Class with A Difference - Class 7

Today we learned all about watersheds and a specific watershed.

Well let’s ask ourselves a question. What is a watershed? A watershed is a landform/landscape that helps collect water. There are parts of a watershed, a ridge, where the water separates  usually it is the top of a high slope and on the top the water goes in different directions. Furrows are lower areas were the water goes through. And last but not the least, the stream. It is the runoff of the water. Now of course our endpoint. It is where the water is collected by the watershed and it ends there, nothing happens with it. There are components in a watershed but not all of them have the same ones.

We did a nice exercise where we crumpled paper and marked what we thought were ridges and furrows. Then we sprinkled water to see if our guess was right.

Next, we studied Chennai.  In our Chennai city we have  4 big watershed but that doesn’t mean we only have 4 watershed, we have many micro watersheds. But we really have 4 big ones. And 3 of them are named after the river that passes through it. The 4 watersheds are Cooum, Adyar, Kosatheliyar, and one that is where our school is, Pallikaranai. And what makes them seperated? The ridges, it’s like their border. Then we talked about the components of the Adyar watershed which are Eris, wetlands, farmlands, forests, lakes, and storm water drainages. We took chits and then opened it to look what place was it written on there and that place would be on the map. 

And we finally found out that the Adyar watershed wasn’t a healthy watershed. And an Eri was turned into a ground for motorbikes! I don’t think that is healthy.

Finally we took a walk around the Adyar Poonga to see different watershed and parts of them. As it had been raining, we easily saw furrows and ridges with water running through. That was cool! Ofcourse we saw other stuff - a large and a small snail, mushrooms - stuff that reminds us that we are really blessed to be having such a class in such a wonderful setting.

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