Sunday 14 October 2018

Are teachers essential for learning - a class debate!

Felt very very actualized.

In the English class we had a debate on "Is a teacher essential for learning."

As in any debate, there were groups For and Against the motion.

And they spoke well, gave good insights, handled rebuttals.

Then I opened it up for a vote - "Are teachers essential for learning". I bypassed their clever lawyer like definitions - Nature is a teacher, the tree is a teacher. I wanted specifics. Only regular classroom teachers. Or people in similar teaching positions - tuition teachers included.

The overwhelming vote, 16-0 ' "No teachers are NOT essential to learning!"


My kids believe they can learn themselves. Teachers are just resources. These kids, young kids, Grade 6, have realised something which even college kids struggle with - you can learn yourself. You can be an independent learner. You aren't dependent on some adult to teach you. No spoonfeeding needed. Whoa! This is what we've been planning to inculcate since the beginning of our school.

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