Monday 22 October 2018

Communications Class for Upper Elementary - What I learned

Upper Elementary students have a Communications class every week - run by FutureImpact.  We decided to offer this class to help children develop not only better communication skills - vital for the 21st century world, but also improve their interpersonal skills.  Kids do fight, bicker, call each names, grab stuff, and can be generally very self centred.  However, they need the tools to cope with strong negative emotions and learn how to get along with others.

At the end of the class, they have to write down their reflections. Here are some excerpts:

“Today we learned a precept. Being Imaginative and creative. (By the way, if you don’t know what a precept is, it’s a rule). We were split into four teams. Each team had 4-5 people. There were 4 papers stuck around the classroom and the teacher had written a question on it.  For instance, one question was “Why are the stars bright?”. Each team had to write 2-5 answers. We only had 2 minutes to do that. After 2 minutes the teams had to switch to another paper. After all the teams finished, they had to make a drama or speech about our answers.
You have to cooperate with your Team. Never fight with your team members. I learned a lot in this class. Whenever a team member speaks, you have to listen to them. Not just teams, anyone who gives a speech. You might learn a lesson.
A very good class. I learned a lot just from games. Literally, games! You can learn boring things as fun games. I can’t wait for the next class.
Thank You! 5 Stars."
Grade 5

"What I learnt:
In this class, I learnt that we do team work and not be bossy so that teammates can also be happy.  That’s not the only thing. We need to be kind to everybody so they return to us in kindness. And to cooperate in the team."

Grade 4

"First we did a quick reacap of what we learned in the previous class.  After we finished, we played a game. In the game, we were divided into groups and were given a question. Our team’s question was “Why are leaves green?” We had to think out of the box and write an answer. Then Aunty told us we had to make a skit or play or something about our question.  We did a play. Hanan was the teacher and she taught us a poem. Then we asked a question “Why are leaves green?” She showed us a video (imaginary) in which I was a leaf. After the video ended, I asked silly questions and had a tantrum! The other teams performed their plays. Aunty said she like ours the best! In this class I learned about imagination and cooperation."

Grade 5

"We played a game today.  In the game, we learnt how to cooperate.  We also learnt to be polite, grateful, not to hurt others' feelings, we should make them feel happy and have fun.  We should not talk to the audience in a play.  We should not hurt the team members.

Earlier also we played games and wrote letters.  I also learnt about precepts and the first precept was kindness and being compassionate and considerate.  I also learnt to be helpful.  We learnt to play without being harsh to others and not to blame others saying it's their fault because we lost.

I also learnt to show gratitude to others."

Abdul Muiz
Grade 4

"We did a skit about a teacher named Mr. European Onion, and three students – Hamdan, Sara & Zoya. We were discussing about stars. Mostly, everyone wrote jokes like, “When the universe got pimples and it became the sun and the moon. They married and got baby stars. 
I learned to cooperate with other members. And that a presentation doesn’t mean only humour. It also means sensible things. And we have to always be polite to other people, even strangers."
Grade 4

I think the class is already having a great impact! Thanks Keerthana & Vinay

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