Thursday 22 March 2018


Shahana joined Al Qamar in Montessori and stayed until her 4th grade when she moved to the US.  Here is what Shahana and her parents have to say about the Al Qamar experience:

"My name is Shahana. I am in 5th grade right now. I have studied in Al Qamar for 4 years among the best teachers and friends. In Al Qamar, I have experienced something may be I would have never experienced in any school. I have lot of amazing things learned in these 4 years. First of all I did not use any books but only materials to learn. Everytime we started our day, we used to make a big circle and recite surah Al Fatiha. And of course we prayed Salath ul Dhuhr. I miss all of these and also combined classes with seniors and juniors.  I have experienced visitors coming to our classroom and sharing their memorable experiences with us, especially in Ramadhan, when we had visitors from other countries to talk about it. Al Qamar taught me something special that I can make use anywhere I go. Like I use it here in my school now. They taught me not to "by-heart" but understand anything before learning. Also made me ask questions until I understand. This strategy helped me a lot in my school now. I love Al Qamar and miss a lot."

Shahana's parents:

"As proud parents of Al Qamar we ought to say that, the principles and values you imbibed in her are ineffable. As always we are proud to admit that these values and principles of Al Qamar are protecting her from distraction. Modesty and Chastity is something she  takes along with her only because of Al Qamar. To her, it  has always been an exploring and experiencing things rather than just learning. Thanks for inculcating in the knowledge of Duniyah and Aqirah. If ever be the reason to return to India that would always be for Al Qamar."

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