Thursday 22 March 2018


Saliha was with Al Qamar from Grade 5-9 before she moved to another IGCSE school in Chennai.

Here's what Saliha has to say about her time at Al Qamar:

I was at al Qamar from grade 5 - 9 and I could easily tell it is a place very close to my heart since I met some of my closest friends or people I could call family there.

If I could tell somethings from AlQamar that has helped in my IGCSE papers would hands down be the potpourri classes which were the interactive sessions of English. My papers felt like a cakewalk Alhamdulilah because of those (thanks to Nasreen Aunty ).

I thoroughly enjoyed all the entrepreneurship opportunities our school used to provide us with like setting up our own stalls and etc., which I don’t think most other schools would let you explore. 

I once had a question of what was the right way to hold a pencil, and anyone else would’ve told me to just hold it however I found it easy or something, but Aneesa Aunty told me to conduct a research and gave me personally signed letters using which I could go to random other schools to sample children and other specialists in the field. She supported me for two years in this project and helped me present it in a national level science fair. 

The amount of support and resources the school would provide is possible towards your passion is unlimited. Being a small school the teachers felt like family and the school like a second home.

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