Thursday 22 March 2018


Almir came to Al Qamar in Montessori and stayed Grade 2 when he moved to the US. Here's what his mom says about his experience at Al Qamar :

"When Almir joined Al Qamar Academy after completing LKG,it took sometime for him to settle down in the new school.He wasn't willing to sit down  and work.Had it been a normal school,he would've been forced to sit down to work,and I'm sure that compulsion and force would've been detrimental to his learning!

But in Al Qamar,he was left to himself for a few months, with the staff patiently waiting for his willingness and readiness to work!Finally one fine day when he  felt like learning,he sat down for hours together with his teacher ,who was sincere and happy to teach him,and learned so many concepts in math!Alhamdulillah,he grasped the ideas and developed a clear understanding!His teacher in his current school in the U.S was amazed by his math talents when she was told  that he had completed only 3 months of first grade!His learning of math at Al Qamar the montessori way has also helped him to do mental math!

At the start of the academic year, in math NWEA testing which is done throughout the U.S,he surpassed the required level,alhamdulillah- the patient wait during his initial days at Al Qamar was worth it!

He was also tested for his reading skills in NWEA testing ,and he simply sailed past the required level,alhamdulillah-the culmination of regular reading of books in his previous school, Al Qamar Academy,where emphasis is on reading based on the belief that books open out one's mind to thinking!

The current school also encourages reading and they have programmes to ensure that every child reads daily.Al Qamar had READING POT wherein kids received rewards for reading!
 He had no problems in communicating as well, Alhamdulillah, thanks to the English-speaking skills he had acquired in his previous school. In Al Qamar Academy, students are presented with opportunities to prepare and present topics all by themselves during the OPEN DAY and other occasions,and stalls are set up by  small kids themselves acting as tiny entrepreneurs.All these boost their confidence levels which reflected in Almir's confident conduct in his current school in the U.S.
The 2nd grade English language classes had writing of a higher standard than the Indian syllabus and Almir had to raise his level to keep up with the challenge. Alhamduliilah,he did that and surprised his teacher. Again, the 'WAIT AND GIVE THE CHILD TIME TO DO IT WITHOUT PRESSURISING' policy adopted in Al Qamar made Almir and I work as a team  and overcome the difficulty and accomplish!

When we admitted our kids into Al Qamar, we were seriuously discouraged by the management to avoid television and gadgets for the kids ,and we are  now conscious about that. We are definitely seeing the positive result of it and IT'S THE DUTY OF THE PARENTS TO HELP THE KIDS READ REGULARLY AVOIDING T.V AND GADGETSWITHOUT THIS IMPORTANT ROLE OF THE PARENTS, IT'S NOT POSSIBLE TO SEE THE POSITIVE RESULT AND IMPROVEMENT IN THE KIDS.

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