Thursday 22 March 2018

Alum Updates: Aahil

 After completing grade 4, Aahil had to move to another school the reason being our sudden move to the U.S.He was enrolled in a public school in the state of Michigan.  Alhamdulillah, he had a wonderful start in school-he already was well above the required levels in reading and math in the NWEA testing which is done throughout the U.S. Have to give credit to his previous school Al Qamar Academy in Chennai as his reading skills were enhanced there. Al Qamar Academy stresses and encourages reading,and steps are taken to enthuse the students in that direction.READING POT was one such initiative! 

The LITERATURE CLASSES at Al Qamar were of a high standard where the focus was on comprehension, and the texts the students were exposed to had a high standard of language.In his current school,he has regular comprehension worksheets,and he has been doing well,the base for that already laid in Al Qamar!
The science classes in Al Qamar were really good-the students made to think and give their inferences,contrary to the general Indian system where the solutions are spelt out by the teachers.The science classes here in Aahil's current school are experiment-based which is in line with his previous school, Al Qamar.
Alhamduliilah,Aahil has been a confident boy in his current school, working independently with a little help at home only when he really needs it.SELF-RESPONSIBILITY of students is what Al Qamar has been focusing on which is based on  its strong belief that it is what will produce strong individuals!

Having been  exposed to good spoken-English in Al Qamar ,he faced no difficulty in communicating in his current school in the U.S.Got to know that this academic year,potpourri classes were introduced ,and the students there are benefiting immensely,developing a wholesome personality!

When we go back to India from the U.S,like all parents,our concern is to find a suitable school for our kids and our wish is to get back into Al Qamar or find one which is similar to Al Qamar in its child-friendliness,encouraging unlimited reading and exposing the kids to different activities through field trips so that they grow into confident,articulate adults,inshaAllah!
Knowledge of the deen and the dunya is what we look forward to as Muslim parents and Al Qamar is well in that direction.

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