Wednesday 10 April 2019

Talk by Ratheesh Krishnan, TED & INK curator

Kids were thrilled to interact with Ratheesh Krishnan, People Scientist, Curator, Mentor, Storyteller and much more.  Involved with both TED and INK, Ratheesh is passionately spreading ideas and reaching out!

Ratheesh talked to the children about communication - how effective communication has to ensure that the message is received. He demonstrated his point by getting children to play a lovely game - where they had to communicate without using words or gestures.  In the first round it was touch, then sound and finally air!

The room was full of raucous laughter and children wriggled and writhed in merriment. However, his point got through - communicators have to celebrate their receiver, encourage and egg on. They have to control feelings of frustration and rethink how messages can be communicated better.

It was wonderful having you over, Ratheesh. Your interaction surely changed the kids!

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