Tuesday 21 August 2018

Haj - Learning by doing

Its every Muslim's dream to perform the Haj in their lifetime. They strive hard to learn the different rites associated with the pilgrimage.

Al Qamar students learn about the different steps from a young age by enacting the activities at school. 

The boys all dress up in ihram - the two pieces of white unstitched cloth. They do struggle to keep the whole thing together, a little nervous at first and then later with confidence. The entire show is managed by the older 6th graders, especially the House Captains.

The girls deck up in fancy abayas looking quite the young ladies.

The room resounds with the Talbiyah  as children start the walk to "Mina".  There waiting for them are tents prepared by the 5th graders. The children fill into the tents and continue the Talbiyah.

Next, the children file out and go towards "Arafah" where they stand and make dua.

Then they go to "Muzdalifah" where they pick stones for the Jamarah.

At the Jamarah, they form orderly lines and perform the stoning ritual, gently assisted by the older children.

Finally the children go out to perform the Sa'ee - the run between the "mountains" of Safa and Marwa, in imitation and honour of our matriarch, Hajira AS's experience.

The activity is rounded off with tasty dates which they gobble down enthusiastically.

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