Wednesday 21 October 2015

A Parent's view on the Read-a-thon

A very heartening letter from a parent about the Read-a-thon (Reading Marathon) going on in Elementary
"Assalam alaikum Sister
I don't know how I end up writing such long emails to you but eventually I do and it comes straight from the heart.
Alhamdulillah for the Read-a-thon activity and Mr. Reading Pots' generous gifts, I see a lot of changes at home. Let me share them with you. First of all, there is more peace with one child occupied with a book for a longer time (less fighting with one contestant out of the arena for now). Now as more gifts arrive, on request the old ones are being liberally given to the younger ones (the less fortunate monetessorians  ). There is more interaction and discussion over the read book just to make sure the child comprehends what is read by him. Quality time with the kids and he is able to paraphrase the story and put it in his own words. Two birds with one stone again alhamdulillah.
I see some activity has been started to getting into Writing your own novel. The book still sits in the bag but Abdul Majid knows that he needs to work on that so his book can be typed on the computer and will be sent to the "America!". Of course, he will be taught and detailed on how to send it so he can do it himself he states. He just wants to make sure when time comes Mamma must simply hand over the machine and walk away. (I don't allow him to work on the computer which is my workstation as well)
Another added benefit: Books are being read and data collected and research being done to write his own books. For now, a book on Apple tree has been successfully authored. Good effort although it has only 3 pages to it.
This has been an inspiration to the younger sibling as well who wants to write his own story and RobinAge is the savior for the younger one now. Abdul Muiz writes (rather rewrites a story told by us) a story everyday to be sent to RobinAge. Sometimes pages of handwriting are written on Dinosaurs and other topics to give it to Ayesha Aunty or gifted to Aneesa Aunty but are left at home out of shyness.
The children are being further inspired by their father at story time. The present story going on is "Hatari (the goat) and his adventures" and Hatari is in Africa now. I never knew my hubby had such talent that he can churn out kids stories on the spur of the moment. I would say "Collateral Benefits" of your Readathon at our home.
So alhamdulillah for everything and JazakAllah to Al Qamar and the teachers for their efforts. A big hug to all the Al Qamar teachers. Allah is Al-Lateef. He works in our lives in ways we don't even notice or perceive it. I believe Al Qamar is the tool through which the Al Lateef is working in my kids' lives and I see the benefit of it. May the blessings spread and abound and May He protect Al Qamar and every single person associated with AlQamar and guide us to gain His pleasure. Allahumma Ameen"

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