Tuesday 31 March 2020

Letter from a teacher to her students - in the days of Lockdown

Salaam 6thers

It's been a long time since you all had anything to do with English or IS. So I suppose you're all having a blast.  I just wanted to let you all know I'm alive and active.
My life has been full of fun and excitement with my 5thers.
But even I need some challenge in life. So I thought I'll just say hello to you all.
I miss the strong fragrance of attar that sets my nostrils and the whole corridor ablaze. I miss the girl who likes me and wishes to know if I like her. I miss telling her that I like her sometimes a little more than adirasam and sometimes a little less than biryani. I miss my clown and I miss the dramatist and playwright. I miss the ratty lyricist. I miss the poetess and I miss my artist. I miss my sportster and I miss Ms. Scribbler. And most of all I miss the I-am-done lady.
Otherwise life is fun guys. Stay tight and pray right.

- Naqeeb Sultana 

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