Tuesday 17 March 2020

Children's Writing - The Mysterious Room

It was a room of unimaginable treasures - unbelievable treasures. I opened my eyes wide to take in the vast amount of information. In the middle of the magnificent room, a snake stood majestically, like a cobra a few seconds before attack. It’s red eyes shimmered like the sun, while it’s body - streaked with shades of blue, yellow and green - was smoother than glass, and shinier than polished sapphires. The four colorful walls that enveloped the room were covered in carefully framed portraits. There were at least five of each on each wall. The portrait which caught my eye was at the top of the eastern one. It was a painting of a forest in the black night, alive from every corner. There were lions, cheetahs, tigers,wolves, foxes, and other creatures - recognizable and unrecognizable to me - while the lonely night sky was dotted with sparkling diamonds, and whizzing meteors. On the floor was a flat rectangular box. A cloud of dust rose as I slowly lifted the lid. Inside, wrapped with a clear sheet, was an old-fashioned tea-set fit for kings. There were four cups with wide, circle, mouths,made from white exquisite china, decorated with red wavy borders all along the top of the cup. In the middle, a red and white kettle with a long, curved spout - exactly like an elephant raising its trunk high in the air - was placed on top of four glittering saucers, plated with authentic gold. Gold! So much gold was scattered on a shelf in that room. There were five ingots, along with ornaments, watches, keys, and other things - all from gold. On the same shelf was a fat cylindrical container. Upon opening it, I saw sheets of paper scrolled up inside,yellowed with age, containing delicious recipes, which made my mouth water as I read them. I looked around. I had checked everything except a small grey box, lying on the circle table with the snake. I opened it. There was a glass bottle with around 20 small white pills inside it. Out of sheer curiosity, I prised open the box and swallowed one of the pills. The world around me started to get dizzy. I felt faint, and suddenly collapsed to the ground, dropping the bottle, which smashed to pieces. The pills scattered everywhere. I heard a sharp cry from down. I tried to get up and leave the room, but the pill was overpowering me. The last thing I heard was footsteps thudding up the stairs, before I lost consciousness completely.

Safwan Samsudeen, Grade 7

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