Sunday 23 February 2020

Supernova STEM fest - Day 2

Day 2 of Supernova, the Al Qamar STEM interschool fest, proved to be really exciting.

The high point was the talk by Mr. Gowri Shankar, President of Mensa India. Mr. Shankar explained that Mensa is an international high IQ society. Membership is through a exam. He talked about the work being done by Mensa India with tribal and underprivileged children.

Mr Shankar gave out the medals to the toppers in the Asset Talent exam. Congratulations Hanan, Khadijah (Gold medallists), Safwan, Fawziya (Silver medallists) and Hajira (Bronze medallist).

The Maker fest event challenged participants to build a device which  would propel a ball the furthest. In 3 hours. With a fixed set of materials. And a condition that they had to use a trigger, not themselves, to start the action. And then, they had to clearly identify and explain the scientific principle behind their design.

The children rose to the challenge. All teams based their device on a trebuchet. Using a paper cup as a nest for the ball, they niftly used safety pins for locking down the opposing arm.  The kids had to do three runs to demonstrate their device's working. Unity Public School won the competition and MWA came second.

The Mathlympiad was a Math marathon. With 5 teams clearing the prelims, the battle started for the top positions. The questions were designed to stretch the children's thinking and included logical thinking.  Children were given 10 minutes to work in teams on each problem. Sana Model School emerged as the winners and MWA School took the 2nd position.

Al Qamar, as a host school, was a non competing participant.

The prizes were kindly sponsored by LKS Gold House. JazakAllah khair

Kudos to the children, teachers, staff and parents whose enthusiastic participation made this event successful.

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