Saturday 22 February 2020

Supernova STEM fest - Day 1

What an exciting Supernova Day 1 today. Supernova is Al Qamar's annual interschool STEM fest.

The Strategy games involved pencil and paper games - the logic being that kids should be able to go back home or to school and play the same games.

Participants played variants of Tic Tac Toe. One version was a 5x4 grid where kids had to get as many rows or columns of 0 or X.

The semi finals had yet another variant. Kids played across 3-4 grids. They had to work out strategies for winning in the multitude of games they played.

The Science Quiz was a gruelling event to say the least.  After a moderately difficult prelims, 7 teams qualified for the Finals.

The Bounce and Pounce method of answering levelled the playing field and kept the interest levels high. With rounds on Science concepts, Scientific process, famous science personalities, the participants were fighting for points.  The special feature was the Local Flora and Fauna where kids had to identify a signature spider, birds at Pulicat Lake, Jaws of the Croc Bank fame and a Russel's Viper. Clearly kids need to bone up on this - by taking advantage of the varied activities in Chennai like Nizhal's Tree Walks and SSTCN's turtle hatchling release.

In the afternoon, participants were given a science investigation to conduct. This involved them figuring out experimental procedure, record data and draw a conclusion. This also was quite hard for children who typically study science out of textbooks only.

Prizes were won by Unity Public School, Sana Model School, MWA School snd Sana Smart School. As the host school, Al Qamar was a non competing participant.

All in all an exciting day.

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