Sunday 23 August 2020

Learning Coding 2 - Abdul Majid Syed's Story

 I started my coding journey somewhere in May during the lockdown. I was bored and had seen that our correspondent, Aneesa Jamal Aunty, had posted a course on coding, and I decided to try it out.  

It was in a website called CodeHS, which teaches programming through a dog called Karel. I had enrolled for the Intro to Programming with Karel the Dog, the first and basic course. So, basically, if you give inputs like turn right, take ball,  executes those commands. I continued this for about a month and a half to two.

 By then I had got a basic idea of how coding works, and I decided to take matters into my hand, because the exercise were boring, and I wanted to do something else. So I headed to the CodeHS Sandbox, where you can edit a website. I headed to the docs section, and soon got an idea of how to make a website. I had made a simple one, but then through a reference through the same website, I learnt of another website called W3Schools, where they teach you in detail about almost all the coding languages. It was here that I learnt to make my website more styled with CSS and more dynamic with Bootstrap, which is a framework, and acts as a library for CSS. You can check out the website I made here

I then learnt JavaScript, a high-level, client-sided, front end programming language, used for everything from making dynamic websites, to making apps. I then added a few bits of it to my websites, and made a calculator using it, called Caliclux The Calculator. After progressing more in the course, I made a more complicated and accurate calculator called Caliclux The Calculator Pro, which was a build up on Caliclux The Calculator.

I also made a simple To-Do list program, again using JavaScript as the language. After that I went on to learn about JQuery, which is used as a JavaScript library, and also a language that simplifies JavaScript. It is similar to JavaScript, so it wasn’t very hard to learn. Using that I designed a Chatting Program which you can check out here, which uses something called a ‘bugout’ address which is a random string of numbers and letters which is assigned to every browser which opens it. So you can open it twice in your device, and it will show as two different addresses. 

I then went through the Python docs in CodeHS, and armed with the basics, proceed to create a simple Python program which you can find here. Python is a high-level server-side programming language, which can also be deployed as client sided, which is what my program is. 

As I wasn’t very interested in Python, I decided to learn SQL on W3Schools. SQL or Structured Query Language, which is the language used to create, store and access databases. I made a sample database with SQL here.

I then went on to learn PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor, a back end server-sided language, which is used in a wide range of places such as Login systems. I had made a few programs, but unfortunately, due to lack of resources, couldn’t publish it. 

I then learnt about API’s or Application programming interface’s, which defines interactions between multiple software intermediaries. So basically it is a translator from different programs and softwares. Using the getUserMedia Api, I made a photo capturing program here. I also used the Speech Recognition API, which searches Google with your voice, but which I didn’t publish publicly.

I was then working on some simple projects like an alarm clock, a basic unit converter, and a redirecter, which redirects you to a link at the time you set.

I continue to work on a few more projects. 

And until they’re out Farewell!


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