Thursday 2 April 2020

Environmental Education Program - Grade 7 Annual Report

Very happy to share the Annual Report on the Environmental Education Program conducted at Al Qamar Academy by the Environment Education Team of @Pitchandikulum Forest Team.
Environmental Education is absolutely critical for all children today. Al Qamar Academy partnered with the Environment Education Team at the Pitchandikulum Forest Group to conduct a 2 year program for students of Grades 7.

Grade 7 students who had already gone through the introductory program last year, learned about the impact of human actions on the environment. They visited a power plant, a waste water treatment facility, traced the Adyar River from Chembarambakkam to the sea. They learned about the impact of industrialization, of climate change. The children understood how each individual's daily actions can lead to a snowballing ecological disaster. 

The children rounded off their year long learning by participating with select other schools in an Eco Fest where they presented their findings to the general public.

The entire education program was completely unique and extremely valuable. The children now not only know their local ecology, but also have made a resolve to protect and sustain it.

A huge shout out to the incredible and fantastic educators from PFC - you guys are just just amazing!!

Do check out this pathbreaking and innovative program which is a role model for how children should learn about the environment.

Check out this wonderful report

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