Sunday 16 February 2020

EI Asset Exam Performance 2019

MashaAllah, Al Qamar students did us proud in the latest round of the EI Asset examinations yet again.

  • Three of the five grades which took the examination are in or exceed the averages in the top 10 schools nationally. 
  • Grades 5,6,7 scored above the national average  & the South region average
  • All grades scored above the Tamil Nadu average.  

In terms of individual performace, an astonishing 73% of our middle school students rank in the 84th or above percentiles. Several are in the 90+percentile zone in one or more subjects.

This is all despite, nay because, of the special Al Qamar approach - no exams (except Asset) no homework, stress on reading for pleasure, conversations, discussions, workshops, excursions, lectures, hand-on learning, questioning, debating, negotiating.  Kids learn to become independent drivers of their own learning. Without stress or strife, they absorb facts, think critically, express articulately.  All these skills pay off when the kids are confronted with an exam like Asset!

Asset is a large scale diagnostic exam  which measures conceptual learning.  It is conducted twice a year in 300 schools across India, Middle Easst and Singapore. 2 Lakh students take the exam annually.

Congratulations to our winners:

Outstanding (99 percentile)- Hanan Samsudeen, Khadijah Abdul Sattar & Safwan Samsudeen

Subject Outstanding - Hanan Samsudeen (English, Maths), Safwan Samsudeen (English, Science) Khadijah Abdul Sattar (English) & Fawzia Afreen (Science)

Distinguished (94 and above percentile) - Amna Hawwa, Syed Raihan, Abdul Muiz Syed, Fawzia Afreen, Hamdan Jabir, Rafia Hajira, Zoya B. Taher, Abdul Majid Syed, Anam Fathima, Fareeha Rafeek, Shahana Syed, Tasneem Kausar

Creditable (84 and above percentile) - Iyad, Abdurrahman Ibrahim, T. Asira, Hasif Mustafa, Luqman Safee, Izaan Syed, Muhsin Maricar, Maryam Dawood, Sarah Malang, Abdullah Ibrahim, Hasna Jabir, Ishaal Abdul Azeez, Rayya Shawar

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