Tuesday 11 February 2020

"Compassion Bowl" in Montessori

Today we have introduced a compassion bowl to our children.
Little acts of kindness fill this bowl with pompoms.

We asked the children to narrate any good deeds they'd done today.

They came up saying -

  • They helped small children to work..
  • Helped their friends to wind up their materials..
  • Cleaned the environment..
  • Shared their snacks with younger children.

These good deeds were voluntarily done, and the beauty of this activity is the good deed act done by one child was witnessed and approved by other one.

Few  children honestly accepted that they hadn't done any good deeds.

Truly satisfied to see the little hearts filled with kindness and truthfulness. Alhamdhulillah.

May Allah make their hearts pure and pristine forever. 😊😍

- Thahira Mahjabeen, Montessori Directress

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