Thursday 27 February 2020

7th graders visit Quaide Milleth International Academy of Media Studies

7th graders visited Quaide Milleth International Academy of Media Studies (QIAMS) today.

They were very fortunate to meet Jb Dawood Miankhan, Secretary of the Quaide Milleth Trust and Jb Kombai Anwar, Director of QIAMS.

Mr. Miankhan spoke to the children about the importance of media courses as it is one of the fastest growing fields. He narrated how powerful images have actually shaken the conscience of people and been a driver for change. The iconic picture of the fleeing girl during the Vietnam war is a case in point.

Mr. Anwar spoke about the growing need for media professionals. "News reporting can be done with a powerful smartphone itself" leading to a democratisation of news creation.

Being a well regarded historian, he also spoke to the children about the need to know their roots and history - especially the syncretic history of Tamil Nadu.

The children got to see the facilities and in the Studio, Audio Lab and Editing room. They quite enjoyed recording their voices and playing newsreader.

JazakAllah khair to the management and staff of QIAMS for this wonderful opportunity.

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