Saturday 4 January 2020

Investigating Triangle areas

So this happened during a 'break' from sports. The kids watched this video where while the area of a triangle is being visibly reduced, it's not actually reducing. So what's happening?

 The kids had their conjectures and decided to try it out with graph paper. Made a triangle, Cut out pieces, rearranged and stuck the pieces together thrice, and then realized that while the base and height didn't change, the figure doesn't remain a triangle anymore as the slopes of the slant sides started caving in- a conjecture they had come up with at the beginning.

They then proceeded to ask many more questions about triangles and areas while having an interesting "two hour break" from games. Who says Math is boring, Not my girls@ Al Qamar !! Alhamdulillah. (P.s. check out the collaboration among kids from grade 5-7)

- Rafia Riaz, Math teacher

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