Sunday 17 November 2019

Nanowrimo Writers' Workshop #7

We went over the plot structure and discussed  "Cool" by Michael Morpurgo. It's  a brilliant book about Robbie, a small boy, in coma. Most of the children have read the book, so we  were able to have a constructive discussion.

We identified the set up and saw how Morpurgo introduced the main character, the dog and setting. The children caught on that the parents' separation was a key problem being highlighted.

They identified the inciting incident and the different rising action points. The children saw how each incident built on the last and increased the tension in the plot.

They could identify the sub plot theme - the story of Tracy and how it contributed to making the plot more interesting and multidimensional.

The climax and the falling action points were discussed. The most interesting conversation  was on how Robbie changed in the end. I told them how they had to use inference to understand the undercurrents. They talked about how Robbie would have become more cautious but also more patient. "He probably has new fears now" was an insightful comment -  one I hadn't even thought of. 

Another wonderful #nanowrimo class.

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