Monday 28 October 2019

Storytelling workshop - A Parent's Point of View

When Al Qamar Academy announced Smart English Academy's Storytelling Workshop on 'Power of Storytelling', I was really elated and overjoyed. This was a workshop I'd been waiting for for a long time. I'd heard and read so much about storytelling and its immense benefit, especially in parenting. And, I was just waiting for an opportunity to learn this invaluable skill.

On the day of the workshop, as I walked in, I had set my expectations high. I knew it would be good, because I've attended many of Sister Nazreen's English trainings. Three and a half hours later, when I walked out, I realized that I was wrong.
Dazed, my head swirling with all the inputs and insights, tips and techniques, discussions and demonstrations, I realized that the workshop didn't just meet my expectations, It far exceeded them.

The concepts of storytelling were vividly explained by Sister Nazreen. The science story narrated by her was very powerful and it grabbed everyone's attention. She showed us how to use similar techniques for Mathematics as well. The techniques which she taught would definitely help me to engage better with my children.

We also brainstormed the benefits of storytelling and got so many perspectives on it, and had a lot of fun while doing all these activities. Everybody pitched in with full involvement and complete enthusiasm.

When the workshop was about to close, my eyes glanced at the clock and I really wanted to stop the clock. But I knew it was impossible. Returning home, my mind was reviewing and processing all the techniques; ideas that I just couldn't wait to implement.

And as a bonanza, I got to learn how to narrate my experience as a story like how I have narrated here.

What an Amazing, Enlightening, and Awe-Inspiring Workshop!!!

- Aysha ( Parent of Grade 6, 4 students in Al Qamar Academy)

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