Thursday 31 October 2019

Nanowrimo Writers Workshop #3

The middle schoolers started the class with a brainstorm of their story "sparks" - ideas for what they'd like to write about.  Their brains were fizzing - female empowerment / racism/ middle ages/ equations - yup that's right.  Equations! Somehow Maths has a way of sneaking into every English discussion!).

Once they poured their ideas onto paper, the kids identified the 3-5 most appealing ones for further exploration.

Then came the speed writing - write about your story.  Deep silence reigned in the  room as the children wrote furiously.

Then they got the opportunity to discuss their story ideas with each of their classmates. The partners had to give feedback couched in positive terms. Their nascent stories hold so much promise - from a gang of kids who generate electricity from air to a colony of bacteria which is being threatened.

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