Saturday 19 October 2019

Entrepreneurial spirit..

One more successful kids' entrepreneurial venture. Sales at Moms meetings.

Al Qamar Academy kids routinely design and set up their own businesses at parent events.

From sales of homemade cookies, pizzas, juice, organic produce and many other delicious items, artistic kids also make their own crafts for sale.

Kids as young as 6 years are busy thinking up of more business ideas.

The school simply provides the space. Teacher involvement is nil, zilch.

Why is that important?

Children need the space and freedom to create and experiment with their own ideas. Once adults get involved, kids start backing off, shutting down. They become glorified puppets - showcasing adult ideas. Which is poor foundation for real life.

For Al Qamar kids, running a business provides a plethora of learning. From planning, pricing, costing inputs, (aggressive) marketing to finally doing (informal) accounts. Language skills, Math thinking, economics, food safety - its all in there as an integrated project unit. Real life stuff!

Having no stress through homework or exams allows children's minds to be uncluttered and focused on highly creative ideas.

The Al Qamar way....

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