Saturday 27 July 2019

Visit to Guindy Snake Park

The Elementary children visited the Guindy Snake Park. The trip was organised by Comunitree. After the visit, the Forest Officers from the park kindly visited the school and held an informational session for the children. Here is an account by a child:

First we started to go on a van.  I chatted and sand with my friends all the way.  And when we reached Guindy Park, my partners were Safiyya and Afiya. In Guindy Park, my teacher took me and my partners to the Snake Park. There were many kinds of different snakes over there. Best of all I loved the python and cobra. I saw crocodiles and alligators. I saw a Nile Crocodile. I touched a turtle and an iguana. It was so cute.  I loved it.

The caretakers of the park told me that all the snakes can't hear, but tthey have a sense of vibration. Snakes come in different patterns and different colours. The caretaker told us that all the snakes are harmless and non venomous. Only 4 snakes are venomous. They are the Cobra, Krait, Saw Scaled Viper and Russels' Viper.  All the snakes are harmless only if we harm them, they would harm us back.  If one of the venomous snakes bites you, you may face death. So please don't harm or kill snakes. 

After these lessons, a caretaker taught us a small craft. It was how to make a "Snake Spring" using paper plates. Then we went and played in the park. It was so fun. I loved the giant slide.

By Athiya, Grade 4

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