Saturday 16 March 2019

Street Theatre workshop

Wonderful workshop on Street Theatre by Victor Jayraaj of Future Impact Learning. "Street theatre is the rawest form of theatre" Victor explained.  With unique features like a public place for performance, improvisation, connection with the audience, lack of props, street theatre has been a popular medium for connecting with the common man on the street. Street theatre is used all over the world to convey educational, social or political messages. 

Victor went onto outlining the elements of street theatre - use of exaggerated gestures, players as props, use of sound, mime and mimicry.  Children got to practice formations like a helicopter, car, a castle etc.

The fun part was learning mimicry with Ashwin, another member of the threatre company. Children thoroughly enjoyed modulating their voices, facial expresssions and using gestures.

InshaAllah the children will be writing a script for a street play which will be performed on Open Day.

The workshop was organised by Future Impact Learning as a part of the Public Speaking class.

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