Wednesday 27 February 2019

Superb performance in the EI Asset 2018 examinations

MashaAllah excellent results in the EI Asset 2018 examinations.' The EI Asset examinations are a national benchmarking exam to evaluate "real learning" as opposed to "rote learning". About 4 lakh students in grades 3-10 from top Indian schools take the exam annually.

Al Qamar's superb performance is all the more special because it is a testimony to our unique approach to academics - the focus on real learning skills and de-emphasis on homework, tests and exams which we consider to be detrimental to real learning.

Here are the benchmark results for Al Qamar:
  • 4th & 6th grade English and Science averages among the top 10 Indian schools.
  • National (344 schools) - All classes average above/ within National averages.
  • South Zone (124 schools) - All subjects 35% above national averages except for 1 subject -class combination which was marginally above zonal average
  • Tamil Nadu (46 schools) - All subject/classes significantly above state average. In some cases, 50% above the state average.
Special Highlights:
  • 2 Outstanding performances (Ranked top 1%) - Safwan Samsudeen, Abdul Majid
  • 6 Distinguished performances (Ranked next 5%) - T. Asira, Fawzia, Hajira, Zoya, Hanan, Shahana, 
  • 12 Creditable performances (Ranked next 10%) - Abdurrahman Ibrahim, Hasif, Abdul Muiz, Hamdan, Khadijah, Maryam, Abdullah Ibrahim, Hasna, Ameeth, Anam, Tasneem, Fareeha
  • 30% of the participating students received Outstanding/ Distinguished or Creditable ranking.
  • 23/60 students rank in top quartile in English
  • 15/60  students rank in top quartile in Maths
  • 22/60 students rank in top quartile in Science

Here is the list of the top ranking students

English Maths Science
Top 10 percentile Abdul Muiz Fawzia Aafreen T. Asira
Fawzia Aafreen Hamdan Jabir Hasif Mustafa
Rafia Hajira Rafia Hajira Abdul Muiz
Zoya Taher Abdul Majid Syed Fawzia Aafreen
Hanan Samsudeen Safwan Samsudeen Zoya Taher
Abdul Majid Syed Maryam Dawood
Abdullah Ibrahim Sarah Malang
Anam Fathima Abdul Majid Syed
Hasna Jabir Anam Fathima
Ishaal Azeez Safwan Samsudeen
Safwan Samsudeen Tasneem Kausar
Shahana Syeda
Top 25 percentile Asira T. Asira Abdurrahman Ibrahim
Hasif Mustafa Abdurrahman Ibrahim Syeda Maryam
Rumaysa Iqbal Abdul Muiz Muhammed Ashfaque
Syeda Maryam Zoya Taher Rafia Hajira
Hamdan Jabir Hanan Samsudeen Hanan Samsudeen
Khadijah Sattar Khadijah Sattar Abdullah Ibrahim
Maryam Dawood Maryam Dawood Ahmed Afnan
Mohsin Maricar Mohsin Maricar Fareeha Rafeek
Muhiddin Tawfiq Fareeha Rafeek Hasna Jabir
Muhammed Shakil Shahana Syeda Muhammed Shakil
Tasneem Kausar Shahana Syeda

All praise is to Allah SWT. Congratulations to the students, teachers and parents for all the hard work, support and dua.

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