Monday 10 December 2018

Ecology Class with a difference - Class 11

Another super Ecology class for 6th grade today. This time the classroom was the Bay of Life at Muttukadu. 

Children saw the estuary- how the river meets the sea, understood how winds move the seawater to create waves,  how tides happen.

Then they saw the tide pools and rock pools to understand the various kinds of flora and fauna that live in them.

They loved the hermit crabs of different sizes, saw how a box crab breathes, how the structure of the crab leg tells if it's a burrower or not.

The children explored the tide pools, rock pools, sand dunes, the shrubbery. They waded in the tide pools. Climbed dunes, rocks.  

Truly this was absolutely the most fantastic Ecology class so far.

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