Monday 29 October 2018

Green Architecture - a talk for Al Qamar students

Today Upper Elementary & Middle schoolers attended an amazing eye opening talk on green architecture by Jaideep Vivekanand, Co-Founder of Green Evolution.

Jaideep started with contrasting traditional style homes with modern, ubiquitous glass framed sky scrapers.  Through the conversation, children realised how eco un-friendly modern buildings are, how they inefficiently consume resources like electricity and water.  Their ecology classes with the PFC group and the background from the Small Science program have already provided a firm basis for them to comprehend fairly complex ideas like waste water treatment, electricity conservation, water harvesting etc.  However, today's talk integrated all this background into understanding how to build sustainable buildings using all the eco friendly ideas.

Jaideep talked about and showed beautiful visuals from the newly constructed The School campus.  He outlined how every aspect - water conservation, natural lighting, eco friendly tiles and bricks, solar panels for generating electricity, has created an amazing concept school campus. He discussed how daily operations also continue with this green focus.  The children were simply fascinated - especially with the library.  They bombarded him with questions and comments - they were fully engaged with his talk.

Well after Jaideep left, kids were discussing how they would build their own models of eco friendly buildings.

Talks like this are critical for sensitizing young children to both ecological problems, but more importantly to the solutions which can be implemented, and how, eco friendly is cost effective, natural and healthy. Thanks a million, Jaideep for taking time off to come speak to the kids today.

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