Sunday 30 September 2018

Speaking & Communication Skills top employer wish lists

Speaking skills top employer wish lists - but schools don't teach them.

A really good article which should open any educator's eyes - especially those of us in the traditional mode where teachers speak and students listen. 

While Al Qamar always emphasized and honed speaking skills , we recognized that children may need to be explicitly taught public speaking and communication.  Hence, this year, we have Future Impact trainers coming in and conducting a Public Speaking class for Middle school and Communications Skills class for Upper Elementary.

Two months into the program, the kids are just loving the fun filled classes.  With ice breakers, games built into a bunch of serious stuff - the kind I learned during my consulting days - kids are already showing increased confidence, public speaking skills and creativity.

One session had them creating ads for a new product they created. An ad for a computer which gives whatever you desire, to a air filled shirt which can make you fly, a book which changes stories depending on the reader - they imagined it all.

Another session, a hot favourite with the ubiquitous bookworms at Al Qamar, had the kids making impromptu speeches about their favorite fictional character.  Mr. Willie Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mr. Benedict from the Benedict Society and others were featured.

Way to go Vinay & Keerthana. You guys just rock!

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