Friday 14 September 2018

Organic Terrace Garden grows and develops

Learning should be holistic - not divided into silos. A well designed activity involves learning language, maths, business, craft skills along with whatever was the main purpose of the course.

The Organic Terrace Garden is one of the Project Based Learning modules being implemented for the 6th grade this year.

The children's team has grown and currently harvesting ladys' finger, greens, tomatoes, brinjals along with a few traditional plants.  

Initially they simply tied their produce with a jute string and sold it.

Then they started making paper bags with waste paper.

Finally they've started issuing "bills" complete with the CEO/AEO/ MD's signatures.

They're learning to plan, work hard, solve problems (mealy bugs for instance), organise input resources, market their produce. They're also planning to blog their experience - so others can replicate the model. 

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