Saturday 11 August 2018

Organic Terrace Garden

The Organic Terrace Garden group (OTG) is one of the Project Based Learning (PBL) projects this year for the 6th graders, the others being the School Enterprise Challenge and the Daan Utsav group.

The group has planted tomatoes, lady's finger, a variety of kirai (greens), herbs etc.  

Its been hard work - mixing the cocopeat, soil, natural fertilizers. Planting the seeds. Watering and weeding.  Working in the hot sun.  Designing watering cans using discarded plastic bottles. But well worth it, as the plants sprouted and grew. And some were finally ready for harvest.

I bought 2 bundles of Arakirai at a good markup because it was authentic organic.  Other teachers grabbed the bundles of spinach. Thindakirai had good sales.  Everyone claimed that the greens tasted especially good - clearly different from the store bought, not as fresh and not organic ones! 

The kids have smelled success and the money! They're already building castles in the air how they'll spend it.

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